Slot Overview: Fortune Re-Started

The grandfather paradox is only one illustration of the many problems inherent in time travel. It’s a tad morbid, but picture yourself going back in time and unintentionally killing your grandfather. What if you hadn’t been born at all if that happened? Maybe you just went down a different branch of the space-time continuum and didn’t break any cosmic rules in the process. Or would the world as you know it disintegrate into a pile of enormous turtles before your own eyes? I suppose we’ll never find out.

Anyway, Play’n GO is in the midst of yet another time travel dilemma, or rather, its heroine Dr. Tempus is, as she travels through time in quest of her father. Dr. Tempis possesses a time machine, but she can’t seem to master it. She may be transported to the time of the dinosaurs or the wild ’80s when she presses the button. Which of these outcomes is the more dire one? In Fortune Rewind, players get to experience firsthand how the setting transforms based on Dr. Tempis’s time travel destination. It’s possible we’re in the Wild West or the future. While most slots show the number of paylines above the reels, Fortune Rewind shows the current time.

Dr. Tempis’s potentially explosive time-travel apparatus has been tethered to an equally explosive mathematical model, which might result in a wide range of RTP variants. You may determine your game’s version by consulting its documentation. The gambling takes place on a five-reel, three-row board with twenty permanently installed paylines. Bets range from 10 pence to £/€100 each paid spin, and you may play on mobile, desktop, or tablet devices.

To win, you need to spin the reels such that identical symbols fall into place in order, starting at the far left of the screen. When we open the doctor’s notebook (paytable), we see that there are 10 standard payment icons. The first lot consists of metallic J-A card royals, while the second, more valuable lot, contains items from the past and future, such as dinosaurs, an image of Anubis, a sheriff’s badge, a trendy Walkman, fashionable booster boots, and a fly bracelet/watch item. A reward of 2-23 times the wager is awarded when five identical symbols appear in a row. The Wild Power Cell appears on all five reels and may replace any icon outside the Time Modulator Scatter to help you win. If wilds contribute to a win, the maximum payout for five of a kind is 500 times the wager.

Playing the Reel of Fortune

Fortune Rewind’s premise and mechanics both investigate the nature of time. Examples of the latter are the Time Warp Free Spins feature, the Wild Rewind feature, and the Fast Forward feature.

Extreme Replay

When players have a spin that doesn’t result in a win, Wild Power Cells can send them back in time to try again, respinning the surrounding symbols and adding more Wild Power Cells as they go.

Skip Ahead

If they have a lucky spin, gamers can go to the future! When this occurs, the winning symbols are enhanced while the remainder of the symbols are reshuffled.

Free Games with a Time Warp

If you get 3, 4, or 5 Time Modulator symbols, you’ll win 15 free spins with a 15, 17, or 20x multiplier. Free spins take place over many periods, each of which having its own unique Era Wanted symbol. If a win contains any Era Wanted symbols, the multiplier will be applied. Furthermore, only HP symbols show during free spins, and additional free spins are awarded for hitting at least three Time Modulator symbols.

Review Your Luck: The Slots’ Verdict

The trip across time in Fortune Rewind was incredible. Play’n GO’s hectic schedule allows for the testing of a wide variety of experimental concepts, and every once in a while, the studio hits pay dirt. One such game is Fortune Rewind, which is flawless in every way. An intriguing opening animation introduces the protagonist and her journey through time in search of her long-lost father. From there, the player enters a spinning, warping world spanning many, meticulously crafted periods. Play’n GO has given Fortune Rewind painstaking care, and the little touches here and there are either hilarious, thought-provoking, or plain interesting.

Moreover, the game mechanics are enjoyable. The two add-ons, Wild Rewind and Fast Forward, really bring the ideas of time travel to life and add a lot of fun to the main game. The no-risk spins are also very well-designed. The removal of the non-HP symbols is a good change, and it’s just another way in which Play’n GO has cleverly integrated the game’s premise of traversing through periods. The multiplier plays a key role in this, since it may be significantly increased if a winning line contains Wanted symbols. If you can master the time travel features of Fortune Rewind, you might earn as much as 8,500 times your initial wager. Unfortunately, we were unable to discover whether or not Dr. Tempis was able to see her father after achieving a maximum victory.

Creating a temporal paradox, the repercussions of which might unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the whole universe, is a very real possibility while time traveling, as stated in the introduction. According to Doc Brown, at least. Fortunately, the risks in Fortune Rewind aren’t as high as the doctor said, and the slot game ends up being an exciting example of careful planning and presentation.






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